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Kobe Bryant's 12 Year Old Daughter Has The Mamba Mentality

Credit: Overtime

Credit: Overtime

Kobe Bryant and Basketball go together like Christmas and snow; they belong with each other and will forever be intertwined. Kobe’s dad played in the NBA and then in Italy, Kobe was an all-time great for the LA Lakers and now the child of Kobe is balling out as well. Meet Gigi Bryant who at only 12 years old is already showing the Mamba Mentality that made her dad one of the best to ever lace them up.

Gigi recently balled out in front of her dad for his Travel Team showing great hustle and a good jump shot. Kobe is the coach and his tenacious attitude towards hard work is already showing off. He appears to be great at communicating with his players and getting them to play aggressively and smart.

This is the first real footage of Kobe’s daughter and it looks as though the WNBA is well within her reach. Gigi and her team played 3 games this past weekend and Kobe’s daughter stole the show. She was everywhere on defense and attacked the rim with force on offense. She looks as though she has a great wingspan already which we all know works out well in the pros. It’s obvious that’s she spent hours with her dad building a good jump shot motion and I have no doubt that as the years roll on it will get even better.

Anyone coached by the Mamba will have a huge edge over their opponent. Someone with the Mamba’s DNA is sure to go the distance. Given Kobe’s love for the game, the resources Gigi will have and the fire she seems to possess, she could be the next pioneer for the WNBA. Kobe gave everything to the game he loved and it gave everything back to him. It’s great to see him still heavily involved with basketball, to continue the promotion and progression of the sport.

Gigi Bryant, it’s your turn.