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Only Michael Jordan Was A Better Scorer Than Kevin Durant From Ages 21 To 29

Michael Jordan vs. Kevin Durant

A Reddit post from Comparing Kevin Durant's scoring from ages 21-30 to other superstars from nba

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">theanswe3r shows the comparisons between Kevin Durant and other superstars including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan in terms of Points Per Game and True Shooting Percentage through ages 21 - 29.

An effective way to calculate scoring ability is to use the formula, True Shooting, which includes Field Goals, 3-point Field Goals, and Free Throws. This combination allows us to see the overall scoring ability in multiple areas. Now, add Points Per Game, to show how efficient the players are. All these stars averaged above 27 points, which makes this so remarkable.

Not only has Kevin Durant always been considered the best scorer in today’s league, he’s also on the same level as several NBA Legends.

Here’s how they shape up together:

Kevin Durant (2010-2018): 28.2 pts on 62.5% TS

Kobe Bryant (2000-2008): 28.3 pts on 55.6% TS

LeBron James (2006-2014): 28.3 pts on 59.4% TS

Michael Jordan (1985-1993): 32.3 pts on 58.9% TS

Durant has only been into the Playoffs eight times, so it’s been reduced to make it accurate.

Kevin Durant (2010-2018): 28.8 pts on 59.1% TS

Kobe Bryant (2000-2008): 27.1 pts on 53.7% TS

LeBron James (2006-2013): 28.1 pts on 56.7% TS

Michael Jordan (1985-1992): 34.6 pts on 58.7% TS

So far, he won 4 scoring titles and it will be a big challenge to have more than Michael Jordan (10 scoring titles).

Kevin Durant is an elite scorer, with little to no faults in his offensive game.

On top of that, he stands at 7 feet tall. Durant is already one of the best Small Forwards in NBA history and is only 29 years-old.