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The Incredible China's Nicknames For NBA Superstars


If you didn't know, people over in China are crazy about NBA basketball.

Chinese fans go rabid over their hometown stars such as Zhou Qi, Yi Jianlian, and Jeremy Lin, even if the last is only half-Asian. Hell, the Chinese are so crazy about basketball, the government paired the tallest women and tallest man in China, producing a child later known as Yao Ming.

Because of the language barrier however, when it comes to describing the game of basketball over in China -- particularly player's nicknames -- the nation's fans have taken some liberties with translating from English to Chinese.

Japanese and East Asian historian Nick Kapur -- who also happens to be an NBA fan -- has gone to the effort of describing some of the league's best Chinese nicknames on Twitter.

LeBron James

Russell Westbrook

Steph Curry (Easily one of the best)

Nick expands on why the Chinese have given Curry one of the best nicknames in sports:

"Given Curry's penchant for launching shots into the sky, Chinese netizens apparently felt it would be more apropos to name him "fucks the sky" instead of "fucks the ground," so they replaced "earth" (土) with "sky" (天) in the second character. Other common nicknames for Steph Curry include "Sprout God" (萌神) and "The Elementary School Student" (小学生), both playing on his diminutive stature."

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Manu Ginobili

Shaquille O'Neal

Carmelo Anthony

Michael Jordan