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The Most Skilled Team In NBA History: No One Could Beat This Squad

The Most Skilled Team In NBA History: No One Could Beat This Squad

When we think of superteams, we think of the Big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. There's the trio of Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson. We could even go back to the early 2000s and rewatch old clips of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobli. Each team had a set of players that knew their role and flourished in it. The position itself needs a player that owns a particular set of skills. From guard to center, there's one player that sticks out from the rest.

Imagine that Space Jam was real and we had to pick the best skilled played at each position to save the Earth. Former players could be turned back into their prime-time selves. If we had to construct a team with the most skill at each position, this team would save planet Earth, and no team in the NBA or from outer space would take it down.

Point Guard - Kyrie Irving

If you pay close attention to the bag of tricks Irving has in his repertoire, then you will see that is the best dribbler in the league. His skills include quick crossovers, hesitation moves, and hard dribbles that lead to step-back jumpers. His best plan of attack is his baseline dribble that leads to a reverse layup. In the thick of the defense collapsing, Irving seems to always find a way to get open or find a wide-open teammate.

A point guard is supposed to be a playmaker, a floor general if you will. We are not expecting our point guard to be the best player or scorer. We want that player to be somebody that can set up our teammates with opportunities. With the best dribbler we have ever seen leading the offense, that would surely happen each night.

Shooting Guard - Michael Jordan

The greatest of all time was exceptional when it came to creating his own shot. What if he didn't have to all the time? With Irving running the point, Jordan would be able to free himself up, which would then turn into a likely made shot. Even if Jordan had to run as a combo-guard, it would still be great for this team.

Jordan and Irving would be the greatest backcourt of all time. Jordan can drive to the basket, dunk on any opponent, and let his tongue out while hanging from the rim for extra excitement. In the end, having a six=time NBA Finals MVP as your best player would make this team unstoppable.

Shooting Guard - Kobe Bryant

Instead of running a big lineup, the modern-day NBA features three guards, so why not add the second greatest scoring legend of all-time? Right after Jordan, Kobe Bryant is the closest thing we have ever seen compared to Jordan. He mimicked all of Jordan's post moves, but created his own demeanor and work ethic. "The Black Mamba" was known for hissing at his opponents, striking the fear of Kobe when he was on the floor.

Bryant played 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers and scored the fourth-most points in NBA history. He ended with 18 All-Star appearances, 15 All-NBA selections, and 12 All-Defensive team spots. With five championships, the pair of MJ and Kobe would bring the championship experience this team needs. We all know how great Jordan was during his prime. Having two on the team would impossible.

Small Forward - Kevin Durant

While Jordan and Kobe were great scorers in their own right, Durant is the most complete scorer we have ever seen. He can score at the rim, the post, mid-range, and from three. He's mostly just a product of one shooting skill but a complete package of everything that is offered on a basketball court. If you go back and look at his shot charts from his days with the Thunder and Warriors, you will see lots of red, meaning he shoots at a high percentage.

Durant is a walking 30 points each night, even in the playoffs where his scoring average ranks in the top-5. Durant is currently averaging over 30 points per game with Irving by his side with the Brooklyn Nets. We never got to see Durant team up with Kobe during his early playing days. Imagine what the stats would look like if that happened.

Center - Hakeem Olajuwon

"The Dream" is the best two-way center we have ever seen in NBA history. Olajuwon finished his career as a 12-time All-Star, nine-time All-Defensive selection, and led the league in blocks three times. On the offensive side, he finished his career 11th all-time in points, averaged 21.8 points per game, and shot 51.2% from the field. He is no doubt an efficient offensive and defensive player.

As we speak, Olajuwon is the all-time leader in blocks (3,830), while also winning Defensive Player of the Year four times. With the offensive side covered, we need a center that can finish when given the opportunity, but anchor the defense. While Bill Russell, Shaq, and Wilt Chamberlain were great centers, we want the most complete package. All three players were average on defense, while Olajuwon was great.


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