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Top 10 Worst NBA Shooters In The Final Minute Of The Game

(Credit: Fadeaway World)

(Credit: Fadeaway World)

Some players seem to be always in control of the game. Regardless of the scoreboard, how much time left is in the clock or any situation, they still dominate as if the game wasn't on the line.

Other players, on the other hand, tend to go ice-cold once the ball is getting hotter. Over and over, they seem to miss and go empty-handed in the clutch.

Regardless of it's because of anxiety, fatigue or just because the defense focuses on them, there are several guys that are consistently missing shots in the final minute of games. Today, we'll let you know about them:

10. Kyle Lowry

6-21 FG (28.6%), 2-9 3PTS (22.2%)



Prior to winning an NBA Championship Kyle Lowry drew a lot of criticism for how he tended to disappear from time to time, especially when it mattered the most.

Now even though he's not the Toronto Raptors' go-to-guy, he hasn't been able to shake off that fame, as he's still bricking a lot of shots in the clutch.

9. Tobias Harris

6-21 FG (28.6%), 3-11 3PTS (27.3%)

(via Fansided)

(via Fansided)

Tobias Harris made his way to the Philadelphia 76ers mostly because of the fact that he could create off the dribble, pull-up, and knock down shots from beyond the arc.

And while he's been a great pickup for them, he's run out of gas in the final minutes of games, as you can tell by his numbers in the clutch.

8. D'Angelo Russell

6-22 FG (27.3%), 4-20 3PTS (20%)

(via Golden State Of Mind)

(via Golden State Of Mind)

D'Angelo Russell has ice on his veins, or at least we all thought so. However, this season he hasn't been the same deadly scorer in the clutch he had always been.

We have to give him some credit, though, as he was the only reliable source of offense for the Warriors and has also struggled to stay healthy through the season.

7. Bradley Beal

7-26 FG (26.9%), 2-10 3PTS (20%)

(via Bullets Forever)

(via Bullets Forever)

Bradley Beal has balled his heart out this season. He's even put back-to-back 50-point games, but his team has still lost both times.

However, while he's clearly in desperate need of help, you can't ignore the fact that he has been far from the efficient scorer he is in the final minute of the game.

6. Spencer Dinwiddie

8-30 FG (26.7%), 1-19 3PTS (0.5%)

(via The Tokenist)

(via The Tokenist)

Spencer Dinwiddie has hit a couple of tough, clutch shots over the course of his career, so people may think he's money when the game is on the line.

Nonetheless, Dinwiddie has been the exact opposite thus far, as he's only knocked down one of his nineteen attempts from beyond the arc.

5. Donovan Mitchell

9-35 FG (25.7%), 0-14 3PTS (0%)



Donovan Mitchell has never been exactly an efficient scorer, but he's the kind of shooter that'll always take a bit shot even if he went 0-10 before that.

Needless to say, it hasn't always paid off, as he's been ice-cold in the clutch this season, especially when it comes to hitting three-pointers.

4. Jrue Holiday

5-22 FG (22.7%), 1-14 3PTS (7.1%)

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Jrue Holiday has also made a name for himself for making clutch plays in both ends of the floor, especially with his lockdown defense.

However, he's fared poorly this season in the last minute of games, settling from three-pointers which clearly aren't his shot, as you can tell by his numbers.

3. Evan Fournier

7-33 FG (21.2%), 1-20 3PTS (0.5%)


Evan Fournier is one of the few players of the Orlando Magic that are capable of creating their offense and getting shots up whenever they need him.

Still, he has vastly struggled to get anything going at all in the last minute of games, missing nineteen of his twenty shots from beyond the arc.

2. Jimmy Butler

4-27 FG (14.8%), 2-15 3PTS (13.3%)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

Jimmy Butler loves to get on his teammates' ears. He's an alpha dog, a leader, and a guy that will call everybody out if they're not getting the job done.

So maybe he could do a bit of self-criticism right now, as he's having a dreadful season from beyond the arc and has been an offensive liability in the clutch this year.

1. James Harden

3-21 FG (14.3%), 1-11 3PTS (9%)

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

James Harden has always been deemed as a player that'll disappear when his team needs him to close out games, especially in the playoffs.

While he's clearly improved in that regard, he's still been quite bad this season in the last minute of the game, when his numbers tend to go down and referees don't usually give him the calls he usually gets.


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