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The Los Angeles Clippers were quick to dominate the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night to get a 124-87 victory over Ja Morant and company. Besides the big result for the Clips, there was one play that drew a lot of attention.

While driving to the rim, Paul George took too many steps in a very evident traveling violation. Kawhi Leonard swatted the ball from behind to lead George to a one-man fastbreak. George picks up the ball a step inside the 3-point line taking a lot of unnecessary steps.

Except for the refs, everybody saw the play, including PG’s teammate Patrick Beverley, who didn’t miss the chance to call out the forward for his dunk.

It wasn’t the best night for George, who he shot a putrid 3-of-11 from the floor before departing after 21 minutes.

Fortunately, the Clippers didn’t need much of his help, as they raced to a 40-14 lead in the first quarter and the Grizzlies never recovered, getting the starters some decent rest while the bench took over.

Los Angeles turned things around after a few rough days where they lost three games in a row. However, it looks like George and his huge travel was the biggest story of the night.

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