Ronnie 2K Warns Fans: "Don't Let Fake Screens Fool You. You're Better Than That."

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While NBA 2K ratings are seemingly controversial with every release of the iconic basketball game, it seems as though there is also an excitement about where each player will rank. Oftentimes, there are people who look to have fun and capitalize on the excitement by doing fake rating announcements with players having incredibly unrealistic ratings.

One of the recent posts doing that featured DeMar DeRozan. Twitter user RaptorsHarris posted a Chicago Bulls DeMar DeRozan graphic for NBA 2K22, with the rating being a 90. While DeMar DeRozan is obviously a good player, most reasonable fans wouldn't have him rated as a 90.

Ronnie 2K responded to the Tweet and called it out for being fake. He stated that if DeMar DeRozan wanted to know his rating, then he would get it, while also tagging DeRozan himself in the Tweet.

While Ronnie 2K had already called out the fake announcement underneath the Tweet, it looks as though he felt the need to warn fans further. Ronnie 2K cautioned fans not to be fooled by fake screenshots and reiterated that DeMar DeRozan did not have a 90 rating. Ronnie 2K also mentions that unless the announcement is from him or the NBA 2K page itself, it's probably fake.

There is no question that a lot of fake graphics look very realistic at times, even if the ratings on them are inflated. Some of the Tweets fool a lot of people, and we've shared some of them below.

While Christian Wood and Mikal Bridges are both talented players, we can obviously tell that the ratings for both seem a little high and that the accounts making that announcement don't look official. However, it seems as though many people were fooled by the Tweets. Hopefully, there's less confusion in the future, as NBA 2K and Ronnie continue to roll out the real ratings for NBA 2K22.