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Anthony Edwards' Hilarious Video Of Jaylen Brown Shooting From Long Range: "C’mon Bro I Ain’t Shooting From Steph Curry Range.”

(via CelticsBlog)

(via CelticsBlog)

Even though he's only been around the league for one season, it's already clear that Anthony Edwards is one of the biggest characters in the NBA.

Not only does he reeks of talent and athleticism but he's also pure comedy. In great Joel Embiid fashion, he's always trying to joke around, make fun of people, and just have a good time.

Edwards' comedy skills were once again in full display in a now-viral video of him working out with Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown.

Brown was working on his range and pulling up from way downtown, with Edwards hyping him up and claiming that he wasn't going to take those 'Stephen Curry-range' shots:

“c’mon bro, I ain’t shooting from Steph Curry range," Edwards jokingly told Brown.

It's not unusual to see NBA players working out with some of their rivals. Edwards is one of the most talented players in the league and he could certainly learn a couple of things from Brown, especially when it comes to defense.

Brown has been one of the most consistent improvers in the league since entering the NBA, working on his craft and posting better numbers as the years go by. Clearly, his next focus is becoming a better three-point shooter, perhaps the biggest flaw in his game.

As for Edwards, there's virtually nothing he can't do as a scorer. While not the most efficient shooter, he made a living out of knocking down heavily-contested shots in college, and he's got the mechanics to become a better scorer from long range.

So, he better start working on that Stephen Curry range. Once he starts knocking down those on a consistent basis and with his athleticism, explosiveness, and ability to attack the rim, it's just over for the rest of the league.