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Chris Paul Claims He Doesn't Need A Championship To Validate His Career: "There's Guys That Done Won The Chip That Would Love To Flip Places Right Now."

Chris Paul Has Never Come Off The Bench In His Career, Holds Record For Most Consecutive Starts To Begin NBA Career With 1119 Games

Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards of all time. He has been an All-Star selection countless times, led the league in assists, and cemented his place in the Hall of Fame. There's no question that he is a legend for the sport.

However, an accolade currently missing from Chris Paul's trophy cabinet is an NBA championship. He got to the NBA Finals last season with the Phoenix Suns, but unfortunately, the team ended up losing to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Chris Paul was recently asked about whether he needs a championship to "validate" his career on an episode of The Old Man & The Three podcast. Paul claimed that he will fight to win a championship, but added that there are definitely championship-winning players that would love to trade places with him.

I'm so at peace. Like for real... I'm going to fight my a** to win this championship this year, the next year, whenever it may be. But I'm not like "Oh man, I'ma just die".

I've had so much time to over all these years to think about it and process it man. I'm in such a good place to where I get to hoop... I'm so grateful and blessed that I still get to play...I can't imagine the feeling of winning a championship. First of all, just cause I've seen how good it felt to win the Western Conference this past year.

But I ain't gonna lie to you, I'm sure there's guys that done won the chip that would love to flip places right now... Just from that joy of playing... I'm still obsessed with the game.

The Phoenix Suns are currently 1st in the Western Conference with a 41-10 record. There's no question that they are contenders this season, and perhaps we'll see them get back to the highest stage and finish the job.

Hopefully, we see Chris Paul win a championship prior to his retirement. He has been a winning presence throughout his career, and every team he's joined has gotten better. Championship or not though, Chris Paul has proven that he's a fantastic player.