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Deron Williams Says He's Jealous Of Chris Paul: "He's Still Out There Shining."

Deron Williams Admits He's A Little Jealous Of Chris Paul: "He's Still Out There Shining."

From 2010-2012, then-Jazz star Deron Williams was considered one of the best guards in the game. At the time, he was right on par with guys like Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, and Rajon Rondo.

Unfortunately, injuries took their toll on the rising star's career, and he eventually faded into obscurity as his peers continued to add to their resumes.

Today, Williams is following a new career path as a boxer, set to make his debut next month.

Ahead of his fight, Williams talked a bit about the NBA, expressing admiration and a hint of jealousy at the greatness and longevity of Chris Paul, who was once his biggest rival.


“I'm a little jealous he's still out there shining. It's fun to watch. He's a special player, one of the best to ever do it, and he's defied time. Seems like every team he goes to he makes them instantly better. There's nobody who picked the Suns to be in the Finnals last year. He was a huge part of that."

Williams even spoke about the possibility of making a comeback and signing with the Lakers:

"I definitely miss the game, but too much time has passed. You're out of the league for four years and you try to go back? No. I'm smarter than that. I realize that that ship has sailed and so I have to let that go."

The way that Chris Paul continues to dominate the game is not only impressive, but it's also downright ridiculous. Even at 36-years-old, he's one of the best in the league.

Williams was obviously never able to achieve that level of greatness or longevity himself, but it doesn't mean he's not able to appreciate it in someone else -- even if that someone has the spotlight he once desired so heavily.

And while Williams may be done with the NBA completely, it doesn't mean we can't look back and appreciate what he was able to do when he was still in the league.