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Draymond Green After Warriors Win Fourth Straight Game: "We Ain't No 'We Believe 2.0' We Got Fu*king Steph Curry On Our Team."

Draymond Green After Warriors Win Third Straight Game- "We Ain't No 'We Believe 2.0' We Got Fuc*king Steph Curry On Our Team."

For perhaps the first time since the recruitment of Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors are likable again. Without KD, Klay, and Andre Iguodala, the team is pretty much a shell of its former self, and they've gone from title favorites to major underdogs.

Still, Curry has kept the Dubs firmly in the playoff picture, and it's to the point now where the Warriors are really starting to look like a threat.

Following their fourth straight game, and second against a Western Conference elite, fans began using the "We Believe 2.0" line to describe this current team, as they seem to be looking much better than they did to start the year.

It's that type of atmosphere for Dub Nation right now, and Draymond Green isn't even stopping there. In a chat with the media, he would push the narrative further, saying that having a healthy Steph Curry alone makes them more than that team ever was.

Those famous "We Believe" Warriors squeezed into the playoffs after a mediocre start, shocking the world further when they defeated the first-seeded Mavericks in a four-game sweep.

Though they would on to lose in the second round, their legacy has always been a staple for the community and remains in the minds and hearts of many Warriors fans.

It's easy to see this 2021 team as something similar, but Steph Curry raises their ceiling in a way that the stars of the '06-'07 squad couldn't.

Still, just having that same vibe and aura is really making the whole thing quite captivating...