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Draymond Green Caught Liking Tweet Criticizing Ayesha Curry

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Draymond Green might have started an unnecessary beef with his teammate Stephen Curry given his latest activity on social media. Draymond and Curry were expected to be the big duo of the team this season after the departure of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson missing the season due to an injury. Now the chemistry between the players could be broken in no time after Draymond got caught liking a tweet dissing Steph's wife.

"Sure, patronize other women for showing skin to men that aren't their partners then complain about not getting attention from men who aren't your husband. Then go on a mad weight loss journey just so you can show off what you were hating on before? Lol, pathetic. #AyeshaCurry," one user wrote on Twitter last May 25.

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Almost a month later, fans found out the tweet and they were very shocked to see Green liking that tweet.

It'll be interesting to see if this will create any trouble between Green and Curry, who have won three NBA champions together in the last five years. The Warriors need all their pieces together to reclaim their throne as the rulers of the NBA, but this might hurt their plans. Steve Kerr needs to find a solution to this situation, otherwise, he'll have more troubles next season.