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Evan Mobley Gives Steven Adams Buckets In 1-On-1 Workout Video

Evan Mobley Gives Steven Adams Buckets In 1-On-1 Workout Video

Credit: Swish Cultures

Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Evan Mobley is getting ready to start his first NBA season, working to help his team. The big man is expected to do big things in the league, and he's already learning from big names ahead of his rookie campaign. 

Mobley recently linked up with Memphis Grizzlies big man Steven Adams to learn a couple of things from the New Zealander before entering the association as one of the top prospects of his class. 

Evan went at it against Steven, looking comfortable against the former Oklahoma City Thunder, New Orleans Pelicans center. Adams would respond to the young player, but Mobley didn't back down. 

Mobley's offense has been a reason of concern around the NBA, but he's still young and has a lot of room to improve. It's not like Adams is the most gifted scorer of all, either, but he can teach one thing or two to the young Cavalier. 

Prior to this, Adams was recorded shooting 3-pointers, trying to expand his game in a league obsessed with triples. It's never too late to become a better player, and he's well aware of that. 

Evan can learn that, too. He has several years to improve his game, and these exercises with Adams are a good start. 

These two players will try to help young teams compete in their respective conferences. After making the 2021 NBA playoff, Ja Morant and his Grizzlies will try to do the same with the help of a veteran like Adams. Mobley will have a lot to learn and figure out with the Cavs before establishing himself as a star in the league.