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Former NBA Player Ty Lawson Arrested In Madrid After Being Involved In Several Incidents

Former NBA Player Ty Lawson Arrested In Madrid After Several Incidents

Former NBA player Ty Lawson was involved in various altercations in the city of Madrid this week. The 34-year-old got in trouble with Spanish authorities, which led to an arrest after he went at it with airport workers and regular people. 

Lawson, who mainly played for the Denver Nuggets in the association, reportedly had issues when airport employees asked him to wear a mask. After that, he attacked a person at a restaurant, forcing the police to act and take him to jail. 

The veteran, who played in China and Europe after finishing his NBA tenure, starred in three incidents this week, ultimately getting arrested after throwing a glass at a customer at an Italian restaurant. 

Per EFE (via Marca): 

Former NBA player Ty Lawson has been arrested by the Municipal Police after being involved in two altercations at a restaurant and in a street in Madrid.

The incident comes after Lawson previously had a separate argument at Barajas airport, where the local Guardia Civil police force had to intervene.

Police explained to EFE that Lawson insulted and threw glass at a customer at an Italian restaurant on Avenida Nazaret 13, causing injuries to the victim.

After the victim recognized that the aggressor was a well-known basketball player, the National Police searched for Lawson, before he was arrested by the local police when he was involved in another altercation on Ibiza Street. Lawson was subsequently taken away by the National Police.

After he finished his stint in the league, Lawson went overseas to play for different teams. He was involved in controversies during those times, including one in China where he made sexist comments. This is another incident in Lawson's controversial life, and nothing points out he will get things together anytime soon. He also played for the Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, and Washington Wizards.