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Isiah Thomas Congratulates Chris Paul On Finals Appearance: "I Know How Difficult This Journey Is For Us As Small Men, Trying To Get Here."

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Getting to the NBA Finals is incredibly difficult. Only two teams out of 30 make it every season. The journey gets even more difficult if you are a smaller guard, as they face all sorts of disadvantages on the court. However, it is possible to overcome that, and we've seen small guards lead teams to championships before, such as Isiah Thomas and Stephen Curry.

There is currently a small guard who is in the Finals right now, Chris Paul. Chris Paul is a future Hall of Fame lock and he is clearly a good player, but this is his first Finals appearance. It is certainly a great achievement, and Isiah Thomas took the time to congratulate Paul on finally getting over the hump.

I'm gonna congratulate you Chris, for getting to the Finals. I know how difficult this journey is for us as small men, trying to get here. There've been a lot of nights where I'm sure you've wondered if you would ever get there, just like I wondered if I would ever get there... I just want to say one more thing, I'm honored to be compared, and our names are mentioned in the same breath.

There is no question that it is amazing to see a veteran point guard like Chris Paul make the NBA Finals after years of falling short. He has a chance to bring the Phoenix Suns their first championship, and perhaps we'll see Chris Paul hoist a trophy at the end of the Finals.