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Jay Williams Reveals He's Been Getting Death Threats For Defending Kyrie Irving

Jay Williams

Kyrie Irving's decision to dodge the COVID-19 vaccine isn't just having an impact on the Nets.

At this point, the story has gained worldwide coverage and Irving is finding himself at the center of many debates and conversations involving the vaccine and the current mandates in place.

Even Jay Williams, who has stood up in support of Irving, has been thrown into the crossfire of anger and disbelief.

In fact, Williams recently admitted that his stance on the Kyrie situation has him receiving death threats from fans.

(via TMZ)

"Thank God I almost passed away when I was 21 years old," Jay said. "You know some of the crazy s*** that people say to me on the internet when they disagree with my opinion? Go hit a pole, go die again, aww Duke education.

Thank God I went through that experience, 'cause I don't need other people to justify how I think about myself."

Despite the extreme level of hatred being thrown his way, Williams has not backed down on his stance. In fact, when given the chance, he only reaffirmed his support for Uncle Drew.

"Kyrie Irving doesn't owe you anything. He doesn't owe you a response on your timeline. He doesn't owe you answers that you feel like you need.

I got answers for all you guys -- your opinions do not matter and it shouldn't matter to Kyrie Irving."

This is hardly the first time the league has been at the center of political debates. Whether it's LeBron James throwing shade at Donald Trump or players showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement, things can often get murky in the pro-basketball world.

In this case, though, it's a controversy that could continue throughout the entire season. Hopefully, fans come back to their senses and stop issuing death threats long before it's over.