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Jimmy Butler Explains Why He Views Himself As A NFL Wide Receiver At Times: "If You Throw It Up There, It’s Like A 109-108 Percent Chance That I’m Gonna Catch It."

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is known as one of the most physical players in the NBA, often being the one to initiate contact with defenders when driving to the rim. It seems as though Jimmy Butler believes that he can handle not just basketball, but also American football.

In the recent post-game interview after the Miami Heat's game against the Utah Jazz, Jimmy Butler claimed that he sees himself as an NFL wide receiver at times when going up for the ball. He even stated that he has "the best hands" on the Miami Heat.

Look man, I’ve been telling this guy named Theotis Smith for I don’t know how long now. Like I got the best hands in the league for sure on this team, for sure on this team. For sure on this team.

If you throw it up there, it’s like a 109-108 percent chance that I’m gonna catch it. You know Kyle does a great job of putting me in that position. I’m comfortable doing that but I think, I’m a wide receiver at heart. Not a tight end, don’t do me.

There have been other basketball stars who have talked about their prowess on the football field. LeBron James in particular was known for his football ability in high school and revealed previously that he actually got contract offers from the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks to play in the NFL. It makes sense that a lot of players would play multiple sports before focusing on basketball.

Of course, it's unlikely that we ever see an NBA player ever make the switch to the NFL. It would certainly be difficult to make that transition after one has already been dedicated to basketball. It's definitely fun to think about what NBA players could thrive in the NFL though, and perhaps Jimmy Butler would be one of those players based on his ability to catch the ball.