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Jordan Clarkson 4-Year Transformation: "From No Tattoos To All The Tattoos!"

Credit: Cassy Athena

Credit: Cassy Athena

Prospects see their life changed when they make it to the NBA. We've seen this during the existence of the league, but some players take things to the next level. 

We've seen stars getting a lot of body art during the past couple of years after entering the association. Chris Andersen and JR Smith are two of the most famous cases, but Jordan Clarkson also signed his name on this list. 

NBA Buzz shared two pics comparing the shooting guard's body from 2017 to today, showing all the changes he went through during the last four years. 

Clarkson didn't have any tattoos on his body during the first three years of his NBA career. After 2017, he changed his image, adding several tattoos. 

Just like Andersen and Smith, Jordan's style got a little different, but this didn't bother anybody. This new image is very likable for a lot of fans, and his tats are really cool to watch. 

The guard has become a valuable piece for the Utah Jazz coming off the bench. After struggling to find his touch with the Los Angeles Lakers, getting traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Filipino-American found his place in the world in Salt Lake City. 

He'll try to help the team next season, as they aim to improve what they did last year, posting the league-best record.