Josh Smith Goes Off On Doc Rivers: “I Finally Get Why Your Wife Almost Left You”

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Former NBA player Josh Smith took his chance to diss Doc Rivers after his Philadelphia 76ers elimination from the 2021 NBA playoffs. The forward had to get some things off his chest, and he didn't hold anything back when addressing the former Los Angeles Clippers head coach.

Smith shared a series of videos blasting Rivers, even revealing personal details about the 59-year-old's life. He kept the receipts and called him out for criticizing Paul George and Tyronn Lue after leaving the Clippers. 

Yeah, Doc Rivers. You talked all that s— about Paul George and how Tyronn Lue is gonna have the same offense for that n—. Shut your bum-ass up, man. Your no-in-game-adjustments-having ass, man. Start giving n—s they real credit, man. That's why your b— ass got that karma on your ass and you can't get past the second round, man.

You did all these real n—s wrong, man. Look in the mirror, n—, and confess your motherf—in' truths, or you'll never make it out the second round. ESPN, get on his ass, bruh. I'm on his ass tonight, get on his ass first thing in the morning.

I finally get why your wife almost left you, man. You don't know how to make in-game adjustments. You don't know how to make in-game adjustments. Everybody figured your ass out, man. You don't know how to make in-game adjustments, man, and nobody really like your cap ass. Yeah, you losing your power, n—.

After 32 games with the Clippers in the 2015/16 NBA season, Smith was traded to the Houston Rockets by then-president and head coach Doc Rivers. It seems like Josh never forgot that and took his chance to trash the veteran coach. 

They never clicked, and the Clips didn't have more remedy than getting rid of Smith. Five years later, he's fired back at the man behind that decision.