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Kawhi Leonard’s Former College Teammate Praises His Work Ethic: “People Are Like, ‘Kawhi’s Quiet.’ I’m Like, ‘No, He’s Not. Have You Seen Him Work?”

Kendrick Perkins Says Kawhi Leonard Is "The Most Selfish Guy In Team Sports."

Kawhi Leonard is a very different NBA superstar. In a world where high-profile names like to get a lot of attention, the Klaw is different, trying to stay low-key, although his personality doesn’t help him that much.

He’s very funny even without trying, and fans love that side of his persona. The Los Angeles Clippers superstar is very focused on his job, doing whatever his team needs to win and not being as flashy as the rest of the elite. That could be a problem for many people, but those who have followed him since his college days know that Leonard has taken advantage of that.

Sure, his personality doesn’t match the rest of the NBA, but his work ethic is unmatched, which has taken him to where he is right now. Recently, former San Diego State University teammate Tim Shelton explained how the quiet personality of Leonard makes him a threat for rivals, making it clear that his work ethic speaks louder than words.

Via The Athletic:

“He says the most by his actions. He’s probably the only person that I know, that I’ve met, that I’ve seen, that speaks that loudly through his actions.”

“People are like, ‘Kawhi’s quiet.’ I’m like, ‘No, he’s not. Have you seen him work? Have you seen the dude work out?’ Do you know what his routine is over the summer?”

“He always found a way. If he wants to become the greatest, he’s going to find a way. If he wants to get in a gym and work out, he’s going to find a way.”

“He was always in the gym. At night, in the day. You could definitely learn from him. That work ethic can be applied to anything. That was the most craziest thing I saw.”

Leonard has approached the game this way since he was young. People claim that the death of his father changed the player. He does a lot of talk on the court, sometimes looking indifferent with a lot of things happening in games.

That’s how things have been since he was in college, and so far, it has worked for the forward. Leonard is a 2x NBA champion, winning the Finals MVP championship on each occasion. Plus, he has won the DPOY award and is one of the best two-way players in the league right now.

He had to evolve to become the big star he is right now and made it all while not posting workout videos or trash-talking people in the offseason. Actions speak louder than words, and Kawhi is the prime example of that.