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Kendrick Perkins Reveals Which Player He'd Fight In Celebrity Boxing Match: "He Feels Like That I Talk Sh*t And I Feel Like He Talk Sh*t... It's Draymond Green."

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Celebrity boxing has become really popular in recent memory, with many famous people getting in the ring over the last year. It seems as though that trend hasn't missed the NBA either, with former players such as Lamar Odom having taken part in celebrity boxing matches.

Kendrick Perkins was recently asked about which NBA player he'd like to fight against in a celebrity boxing match. Perkins' answer was Draymond Green, the Golden State Warriors forward who Perkins has had many back and forth interactions on social media. There were definitely shots taken on both sides. Draymond Green is known for his physicality and gritty defense on the court, as well as his trash talk towards his opponents. From the video, it seems as though Perkins is completely serious.

He's not even my former teammate, but he feel like that I talk sh*t, and I feel like he talk s*it is Draymond Green. Like if I had to get in the ring and really put these paws on somebody, it would be Draymond Green. But I really think he don't want that smoke, and history tells me he really don't want that smoke.

A celebrity boxing match between Kendrick Perkins and Draymond Green would certainly be entertaining. Both players have been known to play the "enforcer" role for their teams and had a physical style of play. While obviously playing basketball is nothing like boxing, both Perkins and Green definitely have no fear of getting rough on the court.

Draymond Green hasn't yet responded to Kendrick Perkins' words, and it'll certainly be interesting to see if the Golden State Warriors forward will end up issuing a response to Perkins' claim that Green "don't want that smoke". While this potential boxing match may never come to pass, it is certainly entertaining to think about.