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Kevin Durant Blasted A Fan Who Told Him To Stop Crying: "Shut Yo A** Up Motherfu**er."

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Kevin Durant

Sometimes fans heckle players during games. The nature of that is different in every situation, and there are times that players clap back. Kevin Durant has done so not long ago when being taunted during the recent matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and the Atlanta Hawks.

NBA Buzz has recently shared a video of Kevin Durant blasting a fan after being told by the fan to "stop crying". Durant told the fan "shut yo a** up motherfu**er" after being heckled in this manner, and it's clear that he wasn't having it. 

What the fan said to Kevin Durant wasn't that offensive compared to what some other fans have said to players in the past. For example, earlier in the season, LeBron James had a Pacers fan ejected for making an inappropriate comment towards him.

One fan claiming to be at the game said that the female fan made incredibly disgusting comments about LeBron James' son Bronny, saying that she wished he died in a car crash, whereas the male fan was also making lewd gestures at LeBron James.

A lot of fans say mean things to opposing players during a game, and sometimes players clap back. Kevin Durant elected to do so here, but he clearly wasn't bothered by what the fan was saying to him and didn't take it too seriously. In the video, we see him deliver his retort and calmly run forward and proceed with the possession being played.

It is clear that some banter like this between fans and players is acceptable. The Brooklyn Nets did end up winning the game in Atlanta so Kevin Durant certainly got the last laugh, as the Nets moved to an 18-8 record and retained their place at the top of the Eastern Conference.