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The Lady Who LeBron James Had Ejected Reportedly Made A Shocking And Unacceptable Comment About Bronny James

The Lady Who LeBron James Got Ejected Reportedly Made A Shocking Comment About Bronny James

LeBron James had a solid performance against the Indiana Pacers, making his comeback from the 1-game suspension he was handed for the incident with Isaiah Stewart. James' 39 point performance helped the Lakers put away the Pacers in overtime.

Fans were thrilled to see LeBron playing as he did, even comparing it to his 2018 playoff run. But there was as much news on the court as there was on the sidelines. During the game, James called an official and had 2 fans ejected for heckling him in a way he deemed inappropriate.

After the game, James said that obscene words and gestures, the kind that the two fans were making, should not be tolerated, and that is why he asked for their ejection. And if reports are to be believed, LeBron's description of their comments was extremely lenient. 

One fan claiming to be at the game said that the female fan made incredibly disgusting comments about LeBron James' son Bronny, saying that she wished he died in a car crash, whereas the male fan was also making lewd gestures at LeBron James.

If this is true, then there is no doubt that James did the right thing in having the fan ejected. Under no circumstances should a fan think that a courtside seat gives them the right to hurl obscenities, let alone abhorrent remarks like this, at players. These fans should also receive a lifetime ban from NBA games to make a statement.

James, as a father, was no doubt upset by this. Fans have been making Bronny a soft target to mock LeBron James in recent weeks. Some fans at a Sierra Canyon game brought a flag of China with a LeBron crying meme plastered on it to get under Bronny's skin, another instance of taking things too far.

Hopefully, the NBA takes serious action after doing their due diligence and finding out whether these rumors are true and if this is what was said to LeBron.