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Crowd Crosses The Line And Bullies Bronny James With LeBron Crying Meme On China Flag

Crowd Cross The Line And Bully Bronny James With LeBron Crying Meme On China Flag

Being the son of an NBA superstar cannot be easy. Especially when you are trying to follow in your father's footsteps. Bronny James has been under the spotlight his entire life, and more so now that he is playing high school basketball for one of the best teams in the country.

Now playing with Sierra Canyon, Bronny's games have become a massive attraction. Much like his father LeBron James, Bronny's high school games garner a lot of attention, with fans wanting to see just how good the son of one of the greatest of all time can be.

But sometimes, fans can take things too far. And that is exactly what happened at Sierra Canyon's last game. In an attempt to heckle Bronny, fans of the opposing team brought a flag of China with the crying LeBron James meme taped on it. It was truly a low moment by the fans who crossed the line. 

Some fans on Instagram justified the banner, saying that what is happening in China is actually crossing the line. Whereas others agreed that this was an unnecessary shot to take at a young man who is simply focusing on improving as a basketball player.

No its not too far

😂😂 that’s creative

But they all wearing Nike products..

Whose the one that REALLY gone too far? 🤔🤔🤔

If I was bronny I’m dropping 50 🤦‍♂️

All he did was be born and play basketball, he’s just a kid..🥴

Sad to say he gonna go through this the rest of his life, hopefully it don’t bother him too much

they all bouta catch an elbow

What’s happening in china is way too far 😢

Is this guy wearing a mask while shooting free throws?


Hell nah it ain too far, that’s why they in the bleachers and not on the court😭

he still made tho🤣

Nah it isn’t “too far”. Everyone deserves to get equal treatment. Bron not speaking out against China but wants to say a child who defended himself, who was crying… is faking it? While getting millions of dollars from a Country who executed their own people for difference of opinions.

Its all white kids too.. But somehow that’s ok… If the tables were turnt, im sure officials would have removed the “unruly” crowd..

Unfortunately his dad put him in the cross hairs with his comments. Sucks but he can dox Americans but he won't dox China for their illegal practices as well as speaking out for the truth on his community such as Black on Black crime he's controlled if evident

They used child labor to make that flag 💀

he gotta deal with this pressure for the rest of his life.

Hit em with the “my dad >>> your dad? “ and keep it pushing

I don’t care who it is going after a kid because of who his father is is going too far

LeBron has been under fire by Enes Kanter over his association with China, who most recently called out King James for staying quiet over the human rights abuses. Senator Ted Cruz also took his opportunity to take a shot at James and his relationship with China recently.

But to use that issue to make fun of Bronny is incredibly cruel. Firstly, he has nothing to do with the issue at hand regarding China. His only involvement in this is the fact that he is LeBron's son. Secondly, at this stage in his career, he should not have to focus on this.