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Kevin Durant Claps Back At Fan For Questioning His Ability To Play Well When Being Double Teamed: "I Think Whoever I Pass To Has To Make You Pay. Not The Guy Who's Being Double Teamed."

Kevin Durant Claps Back At Fan For Questioning His Ability To Play Well When Being Double Teamed: "I Think Whoever I Pass To Has To Make U Pay. Not The Guy Whos Being Double Teamed."

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets had one of the best rosters coming into the 2021-22 NBA season. Evidently, fans expected the Nets to be a dominant force in the regular season and the postseason as well.

For what it's worth, the Nets seemed to be fulfilling that role at the beginning of the season. But as the season progressed, the Nets regressed and finished way below than most expected them to.

Moreover, come playoff time, the Kevin Durant-led team were swept by the Boston Celtics in the opening round of the playoffs. With the 2022 NBA Finals underway, the Nets still remain the only team to be swept in this postseason.

Due to becoming a first-round exit, KD has gotten a target on his back over the last few weeks. Be it NBA analysts or fans, they have started to doubt every aspect of the Brooklyn Nets superstar's game.

Recently, Durant gave a befitting reply to a fan who questioned his playmaking abilities. Well, the same fan also questioned the 33-year-old's ability to play well when being double-teamed by opposing teams. In the same fashion to previous tweets, Durant went on and decided to clap back at the fans.

DragonflyJonez: "Ah man the conversation done shifted into leadership intangibles and shit when that wasn't the premise of my tweets at all. Premise of my tweets was very simple. KD struggles with making you pay for sending a double by passing out of it."

Kevin Durant: "I think whoever I pass to has to make u pay. Not the guy whos being double teamed."

At this point, the fan realized that the conversation wasn't going anywhere. He made a last ditch effort at explaining his point of view to the Nets superstar and the rest of the fans on Twitter.

"Seems we just gonna keep going in circles. Bottom line is I was talking about how every star THIS POSTSEASON consistently worked BOS. Except you. Then folks said you saw more doubles. And I just told em theres a reason BOS kept sending doubles: bc you couldnt make em pay."

Is this heated exchange between KD and the fan over? Seems like it. But this is not the first time Durant has gotten into an argument with a fan on social media.

In fact, the former NBA MVP is one of the most vocal players on social media. For some, it's a great thing, while others think these are desperate attempts by KD to prove his point to others.