Kevin Durant's Mom Incredible Exchange With PJ Tucker: "I Love You Too"

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Kevin Durant's mom, Wanda, starred in a heated and hilarious exchange with PJ Tucker during Game 7 of the Brooklyn Nets-Milwaukee Bucks series. 

The former Houston Rockets had incredible duels against Kevin Durant during the entire series. They went at it every single game, showing their competitive spirits in every single game. Tucker was so intense that even KD's mom had to step in and call him out after a hard foul. 

They had a little exchange after Tucker practically tackled Durant, sending the Nets forward to the free-throw line. Wanda Durant wasn't happy with that and yelled at the player, telling him to play basketball. 

"It's basketball. Quit playing football," she yelled at the big man. 

Tucker turned his attention to her to say, 'I love you,' and creating one of the best moments of the night. 

Tucker: "I love you."

Wanda: "I love you too."

PJ made it clear that he loves going against KD, constantly pushing each other on the court. They're very close friends and care so much for one another. This is just a game at the end of the day, and both players know that, just like Mrs. Durant. 

The Bucks beat the Nets to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals after two years, eliminating the biggest favorite to the title. Wanda also shared a touching moment with KD after the game, hugging and consoling the player. You love to see these moments to find out how intense the playoffs are. This series was memorable, but it's time to move on for both franchises.