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Kevin Hart Says L.A. Clippers Will Win The NBA Title

(via BroBible)

(via BroBible)

The biggest storyline of the 2020 NBA season has to be the battle in Los Angeles.

Despite being housed in the same arena for their entire existence, the Lakers and Clippers have rarely been good at the same time. This season, not only are they good, but they're the best -- currently holding the top two positions in the West.

With Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, Paul George, and Anthony Davis, it's shaping up to be quite a match when these two giants finally collide in the Western Conference playoffs.

In light of the revitalized "rivalry" people are beginning to pick their side, including famous comedian and actor, Kevin Hart. During a courtside interview with ESPN, he was asked to pick which team would win the NBA title this season. His response? The L.A. Clippers.

Hart is a Sixers fan by nature, but he probably knows they won't stand much of a chance against the Bucks or either L.A. team.

And when considering the top three, it's easy to see why he'd give the Clippers the edge. They are, by far, the deepest team in the league and have depth rich with talent on both ends of the floor.

But we'll see if he's proven right in the end.