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Kyle Kuzma Praised Phoenix Suns During Dominant Win Over Lakers: "Book Be Talking So Spicy"

Kyle Kuzma Reacts To The Washington Wizards Being Top-10 In 11 Categories, Including Points, Rebounds, Three-Pointers, And Defensive Ratings: 'Capital Boys Out Here'

Kyle Kuzma's tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers went from good to bad after the player failed to become the third-string for the purple and gold. He was seen as an exciting young player before the 2018 free agency. 

After LeBron James landed in California, the young players on the team were traded and Kuzma never really lived up to the expectations. Now he's trying to reach the next level in Washington, going 2-0 in his first regular-season games with the squad. 

Kuz is still paying attention to his former team, taking a cheeky dig at them after a loss to the Golden State Warriors. This continued on Friday night when the Lakers took on the Phoenix Suns. 

The purple and gold couldn't get past the team that eliminated them in the 2021 playoff, earning a lot of criticism. At the same time, Kyle was praising the rivals, giving flowers to Chris Paul and Devin Booker, the biggest figures on the Suns' roster. 

His tweets didn't sit well within the Lakers community and fans went after the young forward. Some said he was salty, that couldn't get over the fact that the Lakers traded him and others claimed the team would miss him this year. 

It seems like Kuz was relieved after he was shipped to D.C. The forward is now trying to become a solid player in the league on a team that has nothing to lose and a lot to win. 

The Wizards are 2-0 right now, contrary to the Lakers. Kuz is trying to revitalize his career and the criticism only fuels him. Time will tell if the purple and gold made a mistake releasing the former 27th overall draft pick. As of right now, Kuzma appears to be winning this breakup.