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Kyrie Irving Is Eligible To Play In Only 8 Of The Nets Remaining Games All Season

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving returned to action last month after the Brooklyn Nets allowed him to become a part-time player. The star point guard has played several games for the team, but his presence hasn't made a big difference for them. 

The Nets are going through an 11-game losing streak, with James Harden and Irving trying to take the team to the promised land. They were unable to do so, which prompted Harden to force his way out of Brooklyn with passive-aggressive tactics, ultimately getting traded to the Philadelphia 76ers ahead of the trade deadline. 

Now that Harden is gone, Ky was expected to at least lead the team on the road while Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant get ready to play again. However, Irving won't be around that much for the team. Redditor 'tirednewyorker' took a look at the Nets' remaining schedule, finding out that Kyrie will only appear in eight games from now until March. 

The Nets' next four games are all in New York City (three home games and a "road" trip to Madison Square Garden), making Kyrie unable to take part. Following that, he is only eligible to play in 8 further contests from now until the end of the season:

- Brooklyn AT Milwaukee, February 26th

- Brooklyn AT Boston, March 6th

- Brooklyn AT Charlotte, March 8th

- Brooklyn AT Philadelphia, March 10th

- Brooklyn AT Orlando, March 15th

- Brooklyn AT Memphis, March 23rd

- Brooklyn AT Miami, March 26th

- Brooklyn AT Atlanta, April 2nd

This is bad news for the Nets, as they wanted to have the player on the court at least until the new additions and KD made it back to the court. Without Kyrie, the Nets' chances to climb positions in the standings decrease. This situation could get worse in the playoffs when they play elimination games, something the Nets knew before allowing him to be a part-time player. 

He's frustrated for not being out there with the rest of his teammates, but Kyrie has the solution to this issue. Until he gets vaccinated, this situation will continue. Time will tell if the urge of winning another championship can force the man to get the shot and help his team every game.