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Kyrie Irving Sends A Message To The Haters In Viral Video: "You Can't Be Mad That I Live Life Having Fun!"

Kyrie Irving

In the aftermath of a failed campaign, Kyrie Irving is out here living his best life. As the haters and trolls storm the internet with slander, Uncle Drew is doing his best to ignore them while having some fun in the offseason.

In one of Irving's most recent videos, he delivered his own special message to the critics with a smile on his face:

"You can't be mad that I live life having fun! Like I said on my stream, round them up. The haters, round them up -- the little cockroaches. Nah, real talk, they don't like when you doing you. They don't like when you doing you. But it's all good. Should we give them that energy? Shout out to all my brothers and sister out here that are making revolutionary changes, not only in their lives but in their communities. Shout out to the OGs in my life."

Calling out the haters is nothing new for Kyrie. He's not afraid of being combative with basketball fans and has gone viral a number of times for how he responds to adversity.

Just yesterday, he went on an expletive-laced rant against the reports that he was high during a recent stream:

“I’ve seen so many comments like ‘that dude is on something bro," Kyrie said. "Dude smoked before he got on bro. Dude’s on drugs bro’. That’s how y’all sound out here. ‘Oh my gosh bro, he’s on drugs bro, what is he talking about?’. You sound like one of them people that ignorantly live out life that pretend like nothing is going on. Nah bro, it don’t work that way. ‘Kyrie, he has to be on something’. You know how many comments I see like that?... Shut the f*ck up. Shut up. I hear it so many times and even that has a racist undertone to it. ‘Black guy has to be on drugs’. Shut the f*ck up. What are you talking about bro? I haven’t smoked not one thing. Haven’t taken not one drug. You over here, this guy gotta be on something. That’s the prototypical response that you hear from somebody that’s living a life in a shell, that don’t know sh*t that’s going on. Especially when you start talking about sh*t that’s going on with racial prejudice and discrimination.”

Irving, 30, is facing unprecedented backlash after his season with the Nets. His team was swept by Boston in the first round and Irving was not playing at his best for most of the series.

Now, he's stuck watching the title chase play out from home. Hopefully, next year, it will be Kyrie who plays into mid-May while his haters watch in despair.