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Kyrie Irving Responds To Fans Saying He Was High During A Twitch Stream: “Shut The F*ck Up… Haven’t Smoked Not One Thing."

Kyrie Irving Responds To Fans Saying He Was High During A Twitch Stream: “Shut The F*ck Up… Haven’t Smoked Not One Thing."

After the Brooklyn Nets were swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Kyrie Irving has chosen to decompress by streaming on Twitch while playing GTA V.

But these streams have started to garner a lot of attention from fans because of the things that Irving has been saying during these streams. NBA fans assumed that Irving was high during one of his recent streams, something he was forced to address and debunk.

Kyrie Irving went on a tirade against the fans who accused him of being high during a stream because of the things he was saying.

Irving used a mocking tone when repeating some of the things he has heard fans say about him, before shutting down the narrative that he was high. He also pointed to some racial undertone over the narrative of him being high, something he did not appreciate at all.

“I’ve seen so many comments like ‘that dude is on something bro. Dude smoked before he got on bro. Dude’s on drugs bro’. That’s how y’all sound out here. ‘Oh my gosh bro, he’s on drugs bro, what is he talking about?’. You sound like one of them people that ignorantly live out life that pretend like nothing is going on. Nah bro, it don’t work that way. ‘Kyrie, he has to be on something’. You know how many comments I see like that?... Shut the f*ck up. Shut up. I hear it so many times and even that has a racist undertone to it. ‘Black guy has to be on drugs’. Shut the f*ck up. What are you talking about bro? I haven’t smoked not one thing. Haven’t taken not one drug. You over here, this guy gotta be on something. That’s the prototypical response that you hear from somebody that’s living a life in a shell, that don’t know sh*t that’s going on. Especially when you start talking about sh*t that’s going on with racial prejudice and discrimination.”

This is far from the only time Irving mocked fans on his streams. He also called out the fans who make jokes about him and the Nets going to Cancun, and the fans who have asked him to go back to Cleveland and told him that Boston hates him. Irving has been unfiltered during his streams, not holding back on fans at all.

Irving has also addressed some other topics about his career, including how his comments about LeBron James not being clutch were misinterpreted, and his time with LeBron in Cleveland coming to an end.

Irving also finally explained why he chose not to re-sign with the Boston Celtics, despite him promising that he would come back the following season. Irving's streams have become a highlight of the offseason, with many fans getting a rare, direct channel of communication with Kyrie.