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Kyrie Irving Mocked Fans Who Made Jokes About ‘Cancun’ To Him During Twitch Steam: “That’s How Y’all Sound To Me... 'Oh Kyrie You Suck'."

Kyrie Irving Mocked Fans Who Made Jokes About ‘Cancun’ To Him During Twitch Steam: “Kyrie You Suck… That’s What Y’all Sound Like To Me."

Kyrie Irving has been enjoying his time off now that he and the Brooklyn Nets are done for the season. Irving and the Nets were humiliatingly swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Since then, Irving has seemingly taken a break from basketball. During this time, Irving has taken to a popular hobby among NBA fans, streaming on Twitch while he plays video games.

But Kyrie Irving has drawn a lot of attention to himself with his comments. During a recent stream, Irving decided to mock the NBA fans who have been making jokes about him being in 'Cancun', a reference to his early playoff exit.

Irving repeated those jokes in a mocking tone and told the fans that they sound like that to him and that he does not take what they have to say seriously.

"That's how y'all sound to me. 'Oh, what are you doing at home, are you going to Cancun? Oh Kyrie, you suck'."

In the same stream, Irving also mocked fans who ask him to go back to Cleveland and talk about the way Celtic fans feel about him.

Irving's previous stream also garnered a lot of attention, with many fans speculating that he was high during the stream because of the nature of what he was saying. Irving was talking about OnlyFans and laughing, and the video of it has gone viral.

Irving also addressed his comments from a few years ago when he seemingly suggested that LeBron James was not clutch. Irving denied that insinuation, noting that he has a lot of respect for LeBron and what they achieved together.

Irving is clearly frustrated by the way NBA fans have treated him over the last few years. And so, he used his Twitch stream as a platform to event his frustration.