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Lethal Shooter Praises Stephen Curry And Warns Young Hoopers: "Kids, This Isn't A Good Shot! Don't Ever Take It."

Stephen Curry Surpassed Ray Allen For The Most Threes In NBA History Including Playoffs While Playing 585 Fewer Games

Stephen Curry has put on a clinic so far in the 2021-22 NBA season and is the model shooter for every young player hoping to enter the league sometime in the future. While Steph is shooting at an incredible clip, it took years of practice with rigorous routines, including using technology to develop the perfect shot.

NBA shooting coach, Lethal Shooter, took to Instagram to praise Stephen Curry for an incredible shot against the Chicago Bulls. In the same breath, he advised kids to never attempt a shot like that.

"KIDS this isn’t a good shot!! Don’t ever take it!! It BUILDS bad muscle memory!! I mean this in the most LOVING way possible.. I appreciate all the COMMENTS on my page asking how to shot like Steph. This should be the last shot you’re attempting in Elementary, middle, high school or college IN A LIVE GAME and GUESS what 99% of the NBA can’t make these consistent. EXCEPT STEPH HES THE BEST SHOOTER TO EVER WALK THIS EARTH!!! YOUR COACH WILL SNATCH YOUR ASS!! Especially in college. Steph has mastered The Art of Shooting for over 30+years. Can you become a better shooter and be in his company, YES! But it starts with building the RIGHT foundation. The same FOUNDATION HE STARTED WITH. It starts with you developing your shot just like he did as kids. Focus more on NOT TURNING and more on your mechanics and in a few years you can possibly take these type of shots in LIVE GAMES. FREE GAME- Stay locked in! #NBA #LethalShooter"

Since he made the post, he has garnered thousands of comments with different reactions. Steph also took the time to express his appreciation for the recognition and agreed with his take.

"Appreciate the love bro... AND COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE!!!

Several other NBA stars and fans also had things to say.

"Preach you are absolutely right we will pull u right out the game but man it’s fun to watch @stephencurry30 shoot"

"This is factual !!! And if u mastered the art why not !!! To be a shooter it’s all mechanics...muscle memorization and most importantly of them all."

"Dropping gems to your followers"

"What’s the issue with the shot? Turning before it goes in? Is that what your talking about? It just looks like a fast break 3 to me. What’s wrong with that?"

"He was wide open good shot selection"

"Everybody wanted to become a shooters without learning the fundamentals And in football everybody wanna catch with one hand without learning how to catching with two... I see this all the time as I started my coaching journey"

"It’s a wide open shot, shoot wide open shots always, it’s the look away kids shouldn’t practice."

"That’s a bad shot"

"Kids.. this isn’t a good shot… ITS A GREAT SHOT! Damn he’s good"

"Thanks for breaking that down, players don’t understand how much time he’s put in and well he’s Steph lol..


Curry holds the NBA record for the most three-pointers made in the regular season and playoffs. So far this season, he has knocked down 76 three-pointers in 187 attempts.