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Matt Barnes Destroys Stephen Jackson: “I Think They Did That... 'Cause They Want You To Come Back And Check On Your Kids You Left Over There."


16-year NBA veteran Matt Barnes recently went viral on social media for flaming his co-host (Stephen Jackson) in a recent episode of “All The Smoke” podcast.

The clip features Jackson talking about his time in the Dominican Republic, and now he still gets texts asking him to return.

Barnes, seizing the opportunity, used it as ammo in a pretty epic one-liner.

Jackson: "I won a championship in the Dominican Republic... I still get texts and DMs... asking me to come back... Overseas... they love you forever."

Barnes: "I think they did that... 'cause they want you to come back and check on your kids you left over there."

According to public records, Stephen Jackson only has two kids, a son named Camron and a daughter, Taylor.

But for those that don't know, Mr. Jackson played in the Dominican Republic before beginning his NBA tenure, winning two titles with Pueblo Nuevo. In a 2016 story, ESPN wrote a little bit about Jackson's humble beginnings as a baller.

After things didn't work out at Arizona, Jackson embarked on a journey to pursue a basketball career despite the long odds and having to deal with injury struggles. He played in Australia, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, where he won a league championship with Pueblo Nuevo.

Jackson's NBA career might never have gotten started if it wasn't for the help and guidance of the Bibby family, especially Mike's mother, Virginia. "She saw the potential in me," Jackson stated, explaining that Virginia Bibby helped him get a workout with the Phoenix Suns that led to Jackson getting drafted by that team.

Needless to say, Matt Barnes might know a thing or two about Jackson's time in the DR, and it's clear that when it comes to "All The Smoke," nothing is off the table in terms of being the subject of a joke.