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Metta World Peace Says Tim Duncan Is "The Second Greatest Basketball Player That Ever Lived."

Tim Duncan Never Led The League In Points, Assists, Rebounds, Blocks, Or Steals But He Is The Greatest Power Forward Ever

(via USA Today)

When it comes to naming the NBA's GOAT, most fans, experts, and spectators will point to two players: LeBron James and Michael Jordan, whose resumes and talent are unlike anything we've ever seen before.

But for former player, and NBA Champion, Metta World Peace, he famously has Bill Russell at the top of his list, as he revealed in an appearance on "Fierce Talk." Perhaps even more surprising, however, is who he has at #2.

According to the former Defensive Player of the Year, Tim Duncan is the "second greatest basketball player" that has ever lived.

Naturally, most fans disagreed.

For what it's worth, Duncan has one of the most accomplished careers in NBA history. As a 15x All-Star, 15x All-NBA player, 15x All-Defensive player, 2x MVP, and 5x NBA Champion, there really isn't much the guy hasn't done.

And while some of his career numbers might be low (he only averaged 19 points per game for his career), his presence was felt in multiple different ways on the court, including defensively.

It is, undoubtedly, a hot take to have him second All-Time, but when you consider how unorthodox Metta's list really is, it's not all that surprising, and it's not like TD himself is undeserving.