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NBA Fans Finally Agree: LeBron Is The Most Completed Player, Michael Jordan Is The Most Competitive And Biggest Winner Ever, Kobe Bryant Is The Hardest Working Player Of All Time

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

NBA fans engaged in useless debates throughout this entire year trying to define who is the greatest player of all time. All the comparisons mostly point out at the same men, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. These three players left their mark on the league and if you ask fans, most would tell you they three are part of their Mt. Rushmore of NBA players of all time.

There is always somebody who wants to make their point more valid than other people's thoughts, and this time it wasn't the exception. Everybody has a favorite between Jordan, James and Bryant and everybody will try to make the case for their candidate. Well, one fan seemingly ended this whole debate describing the three ballers and all the success they've had, labeling them in very specific categories that fit them perfectly.

They said Michael Jordan was the most competitive and biggest winner in NBA history, LeBron James is the most complete player of all time while Kobe Bryant is the hardest-working NBA player of all time. If you take a look at it, this is extremely accurate.

MJ was known for his will to win and all the things he did to achieve the accolades he collected during his career; LeBron James can play every position on the field and can do a lot more things than probably the 99% of players that have played in the NBA while Kobe was one guy who was always trying to get better, looking for new moves, expanding his mindset and game to reach new levels.

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Fans had a different opinion on this matter, but most of them agreed with these descriptions.

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These three players are the best of the best when it comes to the NBA. Whenever you talk about GOATs, these people should be involved in that conversation due to all the great things they did both on and off the court.

The GOAT debate has been a recurrent topic in the NBA during this year and these explanations are good for everybody, although not every fan would agree with some hot takes.