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NBA Fans React To A Suns Fan's Mural Of Devin Booker: "Bro Looks More Like KAT Than D-Book."

NBA Fans React To A Suns Fan's Mural Of Devin Booker: "Bro Looks More Like KAT Than D-Book."

Devin Booker has been having quite the season for the Phoenix Suns again, he helped carry his team to the best record in the NBA by quite a margin, and they currently find themselves leading 2-1 in the Western Conference Semifinals against the Dallas Mavericks. Booker was drafted by the Suns and he has been excellent for them throughout, individually and with their recent moves, as a part of the team as well. 

Understandably, this had made him a huge fan favorite in Phoenix, with Suns fans fiercely supporting and defending Booker. And the latest development has been a mural of him going up on a wall in the city. Booker is known to hit some tough jump shots, and his iconic pose of lying on the ground after making a huge one has been chosen for the mural. It's safe to say he knows how to deliver some iconic moments. However, there does seem to be one problem with it. 

Fans, especially fans of other teams, noticed that the mural isn't exactly the most lifelike image of Booker and that it looks more like Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns. 

"That's literally Karl-Anthony Towns."

"Bro looks like KAT more than D-Book."

"No way this is Devin haha."

"I was ready to say that this is KAT."

"I thought this was KAT too."

"Wrong skin tone, wrong hair style like who did this?"

"What did they put that beard on Book for?"

"I appreciate the sentiment but that barely looks anything like Devin."

"Could've fooled me if you put a Timberwolves jersey on that."

"I know I’ve never made a mural but… L."

"Doesn't really look like Book tho, looks more like KAT fr."

The mural is quite well-made, but the discrepancies in the way that the face has been drawn are hard to ignore. It is important to note that art is a matter of perspective though, and these things are hard to get exactly right. And while fans might make fun of it, Booker's appreciation for his fans means he probably likes it even with whatever flaws it might have.