NBA Fans React To Stephen A. Smith Burner Account’s Comeback: “The Return Of The King”

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Credit: @TheSASBurner

Credit: @TheSASBurner

NBA Twitter has some famous personalities, including Josiah Johnson, Rob Perez, Kevin Durant, and more. One of the funniest, however, is a parody account of Stephen A. Smith. 

The ESPN analyst has earned a reputation by himself, leading one Twitter to create a 'burner' for SAS, making a lot of noise around the association in a very short time. After getting suspended, people thought it was the end for this account, but they returned stronger than before. 

On Sunday, the person behind the account revealed they were back in business, using an edited pic of Michael Jordan and Stephen A. This didn't go unnoticed around the Twitter world, with NBA fans going nuts over this comeback. 

Not many accounts get the love that this one receives every day. They had a very good run initially, and now it's time to emulate and improve that. As stated before, this is one of the best NBA Twitter accounts, and you can tell that by watching the excitement its return created.