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Karl Malone's Elbow Compilation Features Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant And David Robinson

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Karl Malone earned a big reputation in the NBA. Even though he was a consistent scorer and one of the most incredible power forwards of all time, the Utah Jazz legend always drew criticism for his dirty plays. 

Malone's elbows were something people were scared of. Nobody wanted that smoke, yet Karl would use his elbows to his advantage, hurting many players in the process. Redditor "brick-young" collected a series of videos where No. 32 appeared doing his thing, damaging stars like David Robinson, Michael Jordan, or Kobe Bryant. 

Karl Malone Elbows David Robinson

Karl Malone Elbows Michael Jordan

Karl Malone Elbows Steve Nash

Karl Malone Elbows Isiah Thomas

Karl Malone Elbows Kobe Bryant

Karl Malone Elbows Darrick Martin

Karl Malone Elbows Random Girl (1:08)

Karl Malone Hits A Flying Knee On Jeff Hornacek

Karl Malone Eye Bleach

These antics are really questionable. You can see he tried to sell them as regular plays when it was nothing like that. We can't even imagine players doing that stuff in today's NBA. 

Malone not only collected individual awards. He gave away elbows like they were candy, but there was nothing sweet in that. You can ask all these players about it.