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NBA Fans Troll Steph Curry's Face Evolution On NBA 2K

NBA Fans Troll Steph Curry's Face Evolution On NBA 2K

The video game industry has hugely evolved over the last 15 years or so and now we have games that look very real, especially in the world of sports. NBA 2K is one of the prime samples of that, especially now that they're releasing the new installment of the game for Playstation 5. It's fair to say the graphics look very realistic and some can't wait to try the next-gen version of the video game.

To put things in perspective, the development and evolution of the players' faces are remarkable. Stephen Curry has 'suffered' some incredible changes during his career, starting when he was in college with College Hoops 2K7, finishing with the last version of the NBA 2K game. The differences are big and they mark the evolution of the games as well as Curry.

However, NBA fans were quick to remind everybody that it wasn't like that all the time, posting old pictures of Curry's avatar in prior games, trolling the player and the developers for making some questionable faces.

You're never safe from NBA Twitter. Those guys will bring anything they have to destroy you and there is nothing you can do. The internet remains undefeated.