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Richard Jefferson Says Shaquille O'Neal Would 'Dominate' Rudy Gobert If They Played In The Same Era: "No. Shaq Will Dominate Anybody. He's Not Lying."

Credit: Shaq O'Neal / @shiftrefresh

Credit: Shaq O'Neal / @shiftrefresh

Shaquille O'Neal remains a relevant figure in the NBA not only for being a funny man and one of the biggest winners in league history. The Los Angeles Lakers legend always makes interesting comments on TV and on his podcast, and recently, he engaged in another back and forth with Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert, claiming he would beat the 3x DPOY award winner

After Gobert fired back and said he'd 'lock Shaq's a** up', everybody decided to give their two pennies on this situation. The last name to jump on that train is Richard Jefferson, who sided with the Big Diesel on this one, saying that he'd dominate not only Rudy Gobert but whoever stood in front of them. 

During a recent edition of the Road Trippin' podcast, Jefferson answered this question, going with the 4x NBA champion (54:25):

"He will dominate Rudy Gobert. You know, Rudy, I love you, bro. Rudy is a bad man. No. Shaq will dominate anybody. He's not lying. You put Shaq prime, end of prime, beginning of prime, he dominates everyone. No different than there's only one physical specimen like Giannis (Antetokounmpo), just like we've only seen one physical specimen like Bron (LeBron James). Shaq was even f*****g bigger. Let's not lie."

"This is what I'll give Rudy. Rudy would do as good as anybody on the defensive end. That's the best I'll give him."

It's hard to find somebody that can actually give Shaq problems. The former center is one of the most dominant players ever, as he terrorized defenders with his big plays and intimidating dunks. 

Gobert is a good defender, but he's not a threat for Shaq. The Frenchman likes his chances against the legendary center, but it's hard to say that he'll actually beat Shaquille O'Neal in his prime.