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Skip Bayless Said That A 52-Year-Old Michael Jordan Would Beat Prime LeBron In 1-On-1 Game

Skip Bayless Said That A 52-Year Old Michael Jordan Would Beat Prime LeBron In 1-on-1 Game

At this point, if you don't know about the animosity of Skip Bayless with LeBron James, you've been living under a rock. The sports analyst doesn't miss a chance to take a shot at James and that has been recurrent since the King started playing in the NBA.

Bayless is a big defender of Michael Jordan and his case for the GOAT title. Every time he talks about LeBron, he has to mention Jordan and all his greatness, so it's pretty clear that he loves Jordan and doesn't feel the same about Bron. One of his biggest takes regarding these two legends took place in 2015 when Bayless claimed a 52-year-old Jordan would beat LeBron in his prime.

"If right here right now Michael would stop smoking his cigars, changes his diet, if you gave him, I'm gonna say two months into the offseason to get himself back into some semblance of basketball shape--we're talking about the mentally toughest superstar in the history of sports, up against a man in LeBron James, whose mental toughness has been questioned in the biggest moments. This will be the biggest moment of LeBron's life. He will be up against his idol, and trust me, he'd start to shake a little bit. I said that on this alone (mind) and this alone (heart), Michael Jordan can figure a way to be a LeBron James who just might crumble under the pressure to beat his idol, the greatest basketball player in the history of life," Bayless said in an old edition of ESPN's First Take.

You can see with your own eyes what he thinks about LeBron James. He will never change his mind about LeBron and even less about Jordan. You can say he's wrong or right, but he's firm in his opinions, especially this one regarding the GOAT debate.