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Someone Needs To Find Footage Of The Scrimmage Between LeBron James And Michael Jordan

(via Throwback Hoops)

(via Throwback Hoops)

Watching the best players in the game battle it out is always a treat. Unfortunately, basketball icons who played over different eras of the game never get the chance to go against each other.

For perhaps the two biggest names in the history of the game, we never got the privilege of watching them face each other on the court. But in a recently discovered picture, that has gone viral online, it appears as though there was at least one occasion where the two shared the court together.

LeBron was drafted the same summer that Jordan retired so it's not known when or where this picture was taken, but it's certainly possible that they played in a scrimmage at some point, especially when James was still in High Scool, as he was a widely known prospect. Ιn fact, according to Ron Artest, Bron was cooking NBA professionals as a young teenager.

Considering James' talent level, it's likely that he shared the court with many stars in the years leading up to his NBA debut -- Jordan included. Now, if we can only find that footage, we might have a glimpse as to how things went down.