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Victor Oladipo Says Russell Westbrook Is Set To Have A Revenge Tour Next Season: "You Have To Sit Down And Talk To Him To Understand Where He’s At, But He’s There.”

Russell Westbrook

The 2021-22 season was an absolute nightmare for Russell Westbrook. Besides his stats being down across the board, the guy was at the center of turmoil and chaos all season long, as fans, experts, and even some of the Lakers' own coaches pegged him as the biggest problem on the team.

Now, he's being mixed up in all kinds of trade rumors as Rob Pelinka works behind the scenes to get him out of town.

But if there's anyone who has been on Russ' side through all of this, it's Heat guard Victor Oladipo. He has been working out with Westbrook this summer and knows first-hand where e's at both mentally and physically. In a recent guesting on NBA legend Vince Carter’s The VC Show, Vic talked about the star point guard and the season he's about to have.

“Right now, we on the same wavelength,” he said. “When I say that, you said it best. You have to sit down and talk to him to understand where he’s at, but he’s there.”

While Westbrook has a pretty rough season, he still showed flashes of what he can do on his best day. Like a freight train, Westbrook uses his speed and strength to out-maneuver his opponents and either score a quick bucket inside or pass it off to an open teammate.

If he can find a way to adjust his game to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, he could change the entire narrative about his Lakers' tenure.

Needless to say, there are doubts about whether he'll ever be able to make things work with the Lakers. But if he stays on the roster through the upcoming season, he'll have no choice but to re-assess his game -- or doom himself for a repeat of last year.