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Video: Boston Celtics Fans Chant "C's In Six" After Demolition Of Miami Heat

Video: Boston Celtics Fans Chant "C's In Six" After Demolition Of Miami Heat

The Boston Celtics just had a thumping Game 4 win at home over the Miami Heat. After the Heat pulled off a stunning win in Game 3 despite Jimmy Butler getting injured, Game 4 was expected to be a tenuous affair between both teams. However, Miami started the game with the coldest open quarter in recent playoff history.

For the rest of the game, Boston just emphasized their superiority and made sure Miami could never fight their way back into the game. The Heat starters were completely outplayed and the Celtics treated their home fans to a dominant showing after the loss in the game before this.

With the series now being tied at 2-2 and the Heat continuing to miss important players due to injury, Celtics fans are feeling confident about making it to their first NBA Finals since 2010. After the game, videos of fans chanting 'C's In 6' after the game have gone viral.

Fans will always feel that their teams are going to have the most ideal result, and that is justified for Boston. They have the momentum in the series right now and a team that is looking healthier than the Miami Heat, despite issues with multiple players on their roster like Robert Williams, Marcus Smart, Derrick Wight, and Al Horford.

The Heat have had injury issues with Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry, and Tyler Herro, with Butler playing through injury today and Herro missing the game. Herro's absence really hurt Miami as they missed the scoring spark he provides.

It looks like Boston will put their best foot forward in Game 5 at Miami to stand a chance of giving these same fans what they predicted today at home. Celtics in 6 with a raucous home crowd to celebrate going to the NBA Finals? That will be the dream for Boston.