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Video: Portland Trail Blazers Surprise Carmelo Anthony To Celebrate Him Reaching 10th On The All-Time Scoring List

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Carmelo Anthony has had many ups and downs throughout his storied career, but perhaps nothing has been more iconic for him than cracking the NBA's top-10 scoring list.

It's a milestone very few players ever get to reach and, for Anthony, it's a sign as to just how special he is.

Amazingly, the Portland Trail Blazers decided to take it upon themselves to celebrate the achievement, surprising the basketball legend with a custom backboard and "ME10" shirts during practice.

Honestly, that's just an awesome and wholesome moment. Most teams might just say congrats and keep moving, but the players and staff really went out of their way to honor an NBA great.

And considering all that Anthony has done throughout his career, and with the Trail Blazers for the past few seasons, he has more than earned it.

Of course, Portland can't spend too much time in celebration. Ass the season draws to a close, they're going to need to be pretty close to perfect from here on out if they want to hang on to that sixth seed and avoid the play-in. From there, they'll have their work cut out for them as they compete in the bitter and brutal Western Conference.

Good thing they've got one of the best scorers of All-Time to help them out...