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Warriors Fans Booed Joe Lacob For 5 Straight Minutes For Trading Monta Ellis And Deciding To Build The Team Around The Injury-Prone Stephen Curry: "Warriors Fans Owe An Apology To Their Best Player Of All Time"

Warriors Fans Booed Joe Lacob For 5 Straight Minutes For Trading Monta Ellis And Deciding To Build The Team Around The Injury-Prone Stephen Curry: "Warriors Fans Owe An Apology To Their Best Player Of All Time"

The Golden State Warriors are currently the best team in the world. They recently won their fourth NBA Championship in the last eight seasons and look set to win at least one more ring before their current core retires.

Although the entire franchise has worked really hard towards success, if there is someone who deserves the biggest credit for it, it is none other than their phenomenal superstar Stephen Curry.

If the Warriors had never drafted Steph Curry and placed their trust in him, they might have never reached these heights. So the Dubs fans are definitely happy that Steph plays for their team and will most likely continue to do so until his last day in the league.

While current fans of the Warriors love Steph, there was a time when that wasn't the case. He wasn't hated or anything, but the fanbase wanted the franchise to keep Monta Ellis in the team over Steph.

In fact, when Ellis was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks back in 2012, the new owner of the Dubs, Joe Lacob, was showered with boos from fans. What's even worse is the fact that this happened when the Warriors held a jersey retirement ceremony for Chris Mullin.

It was evident that the Warriors fans were pissed at their owner for trading Monta Ellis and deciding to keep an injury-prone guard in Stephen Curry. But Curry would later go on to prove his haters wrong by hitting multiple game-winning shots in the coming months.

Upon seeing the above-mentioned Instagram post, NBA fans couldn't stop themselves from reacting to it. Many fans pointed out that Warriors fans owe an apology to Joe Lacob and Steph Curry.

sha_black: "Amazing how they really believed in him and kept their promise for the fans. One of kind type of player and a great franchise to be in."

julian.i.mendoza: "Fans still need to stop thinking they know more than professional general managers about the greater good of a franchise."

dan.on.gram: "Excellent content story. I remember watching Curry go nuts in the NCAA tournament with Davidson and thinking that guy was going to change things. He was ridiculous in that red jersey."

royalewithcheez: "Warriors fans should be throwing roses wherever Joe Lacob walks until the end of time."

dannyangeleno: "Part of the reason for the booing was deserved. it was basically that they were giving up on the current season by trading the current franchise player / leading scored / circus shot extraordinaire for an injured center. No fan base wants to resign to losing for a season even if it means winning in the future."

charlielabate: "Well I mean it was a bold move by Lacob, he had the balls and vision to do it."

jaminwu55: "The warriors fans still owe joe lacob and chris mullin an apology."

jd_ledwards96: "Man that fan base owes someone an apology for real lol."

drew.knox.01: "Warriors fans were so pressed 😂 I feel so bad for homie on the mic."

tdottrues_: "Nah the booing for 5 minutes is wild lol."

gillieee: "All those bandwagoners didn't realize that 'we believe era' was over and Monta was the last piece. I supported that move and was thinking about how much of an elite center bogut was at the time."

chippedpolish: "Steph was COOKING Monta😂. Literally bet on yourself ALWAYS 🔥."

At the moment, trading away the team's best player and throwing away the season might have looked like a bad move. But in the long run, that move by Lacob paid off.

It was a great decision because even during Steph's rookie season, Monta announced to everyone that he and Steph wouldn't work together for various reasons. Well, as Ellis thought, he and Curry weren't a great combination and if the franchise didn't make a choice at the right time, it would have robbed them of several title-winning opportunities.