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"Without LeBron James, Kyrie Is John Wall," Says NBA Analyst

"Without LeBron James, Kyrie Is John Wall," Says NBA Analyst

Kyrie Irving has gotten in a lot of trouble lately after making some controversial comments about his former teammates and the capacity they had to make shots in clutch time. During a recent appearance on Kevin Durant's podcast 'The ETCs,' Irving revealed that one of the advantages of playing with KD was that he could rely on him to take the last shot and KD could make it, unlike his prior teammates.

That was seen as a shot at LeBron James and people started to call out Kyrie for his remarks, reminding him of all the things Bron did for him and how far they went together thanks to the King. Former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho explained that without LeBron James, Kyrie wouldn't be as overrated as he is today.

"The fact of the matter is Kyrie is out of line. Without LeBron James, Kyrie is John Wall. That's who Kyrie is. He's a really good player, a No. 1 overall pick, a five- or six-time All-Star, he's been on the All-NBA team once in his career. Without LeBron James, Kyrie needs to remember exactly who he is," Acho said on FS1.

Irving and Wall have been compared during their entire career as two of the top point guards in the Eastern Conference. Wall has been great but he hasn't won anything, unlike Kyrie who is already an NBA champion.

Before this, Nick Wright had called Kyrie 'Bradley Beal without a ring' and now Acho compared him to the other half of the Washington Wizards' backcourt. There might be something in Washington that everybody believes their players are overrated.