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The NBA Players Who Were All-NBA Every Season For A Whole Decade

The NBA Players Who Were All-NBA Every Season For A Whole Decade

Making an All-NBA Team isn't easy, as there are only a limited number of spots for the league's best players. Back in the day, the All-NBA Team consisted of guards, forwards, and one center. Now, the All-NBA Team consists of 2 backcourt players and 3 frontcourt players.

But looking at past NBA history, there are some stars that stand out. There have been 5 distinct superstars who have made an All-NBA Team for 10 years straight. This is a phenomenal feat because making an All-NBA Team over an entire decade is a fact that these 5 superstars have accomplished.

Dolph Schayes - Syracuse Nationals - 1950’s

Dolph Schayes

1949-50: All-NBA Second Team

1950-51: All-NBA Second Team

1951-52: All-NBA First Team

1952-53: All-NBA First Team

1953-54: All-NBA First Team

1954-55: All-NBA First Team

1955-56: All-NBA Second Team

1956-57: All-NBA First Team

1957-58: All-NBA First Team

1958-59: All-NBA Second Team

Dolph Schayes was a top superstar during the 50s. The 6'8" power forward was a monster inside the paint, averaging 18.5 PPG and 12.1 RPG over his Hall of Fame career. Schayes made the All-Star Team over every season during the 50s except for his rookie season and made the All-NBA First Team 6 times over the decade.

Schayes accomplished a lot over his career but the highlight came in 1955 when he won the NBA championship with the Syracuse Nationals - the team he spent his entire career with. Schayes was a top star thanks to his rebounding and scoring abilities and he is a legend of the game thanks to the work he put in during the 50s.

Karl Malone - Utah Jazz - 1990’s

Photo credit: GEORGE FREY/AFP via Getty Images

Photo credit: GEORGE FREY/AFP via Getty Images

1989-90: All-NBA First Team

1990-91: All-NBA First Team

1991-92: All-NBA First Team

1992-93: All-NBA First Team

1993-94: All-NBA First Team

1994-95: All-NBA First Team

1995-96: All-NBA First Team

1996-97: All-NBA First Team

1997-98: All-NBA First Team

1998-99: All-NBA First Team

The great Karl Malone is one of the best players of all time. As a top-2 power forward of all-time, The Mailman ranks 3rd all-time in points scored. Malone made 9 All-Star Teams over the 90s and might be the second most dominant player in that decade after Michael Jordan. Malone finished his career with averages of 25.0 PPG and 10.1 RPG.

Karl Malone made 10 All-NBA Teams over the 90s but he made all First Teams. This means over the decade, Malone was one of the top five players in his time. His scoring presence was undeniable and alongside John Stockton, Malone's Utah Jazz were a force in the 90s.

Tim Duncan - San Antonio Spurs - 2000’s

Tim Duncan

1999-00: All-NBA First Team

2000-01: All-NBA First Team

2001-02: All-NBA First Team

2002-03: All-NBA First Team

2003-04: All-NBA First Team

2004-05: All-NBA First Team

2005-06: All-NBA Second Team

2006-07: All-NBA First Team

2007-08: All-NBA Second Team

2008-09: All-NBA Second Team

Once Karl Malone's era ended in the 90s, it was time for Tim Duncan to take over. And he did it in spectacular fashion, finishing the era with 3 NBA championships and also 2 MVP Awards. The San Antonio Spurs began their dynasty during the 90s, and Duncan was at the heart of it. Despite playing with great players under Greg Popovich, it was Duncan who was the best player on the team starting from his rookie season.

Tim Duncan made 7 First Teams and 3 Second Teams over this span and made the All-Star Team every single year during the 90s. When it comes to ranking the best power forwards of all time, Duncan is at the top because of his impact on both ends of the floor and it all started in the 90s.

Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers - 2000’s

Kobe Bryant's 10 Rules That Helped Him Become A Legend In The NBA

1999-00: All-NBA Second Team

2000-01: All-NBA Second Team

2001-02: All-NBA First Team

2002-03: All-NBA First Team

2003-04: All-NBA First Team

2004-05: All-NBA Third Team

2005-06: All-NBA First Team

2006-07: All-NBA First Team

2007-08: All-NBA First Team

2008-09: All-NBA First Team

The other great player of the 90s was Kobe Bean Bryant. The Black Mamba began his firm grip on the league as the next superstar shooting guard after Michael Jordan. No player in the NBA has the skills and physical gifts of Kobe Bryant, who was able to score the ball anytime he wanted. As a member of a 3-peat Lakers Dynasty and later back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010, Kobe Bryant was at his best during the 90s.

Bryant was truly a legend in his time and 8 All-NBA First Team selections solidified his stance as the best guard in the league. Kobe and the Lakers had their ups and downs over the decade, but there is no denying the impact of the great Kobe Bryant on the NBA and the legendary Lakers franchise.

LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers - 2010’s

LeBron James

2009-10: All-NBA First Team

2010-11: All-NBA First Team

2011-12: All-NBA First Team

2012-13: All-NBA First Team

2013-14: All-NBA First Team

2014-15: All-NBA First Team

2015-16: All-NBA First Team

2016-17: All-NBA First Team

2017-18: All-NBA First Team

2018-19: All-NBA Third Team

The latest member of the All-NBA All-Decade Team is LeBron James. The King has made the All-NBA First Team for 10 straight years during the 2010s. LeBron is by far the best small forward in the NBA and has been for over a decade. No player in the league had the physical strength and explosiveness of James, and he used that along with his basketball IQ to win 4 NBA titles in that decade.

Of course, he made the All-Star Team every single year and continues to add to his game by the year. In terms of the best forward ever, there is no denying that LeBron James is the greatest. The physicality of Karl Malone paired with the basketball IQ of Magic Johnson places him on the Mt. Rushmore of NBA superstars and he did a large part of his work during the 2010s.