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Top 5 Best Locations For The 2020 NBA Playoffs

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Fadeaway World

We are all awaiting news on the NBA season. We are entering the second month since the NBA has been suspended, and there have been many rumors without many true facts.

Luckily, Silver reportedly told players that he believed the safest ways to restart the league will be by holding games in one or two locations, such as Las Vegas and/or Orlando, Fla., with fans most likely not in attendance. The idea is simple, keeping the players and everyone healthy while the NBA continues into the playoffs.

After all, it is very important for all teams in the league to know where they stand for next season. Teams need to be aware of lottery chances, playoff seedings, and how their future will be impacted if the season goes underway or not. Perhaps most importantly, the entire NBA Universe wants to see a champion crowned for the 2019-2020 NBA season.

It is time to rank the five best possible destinations for NBA teams to play for the NBA championship.

5. Seattle, Washington

Seattle might not be the number one option at the moment, but it might be a possible option to consider. Seattle has always been a die-hard basketball city, and there is nothing more than the fans would want than to have basketball in the city again.

Seattle has plenty of facilities to offer to the NBA players and staff and plenty of accommodation. If anything, resuming NBA basketball in the same state as the White House might be enough for President Donald Trump to help stimulate the return of the season. Trump has been advocating for professional sports to resume, and the NBA is certainly no exception.

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City has gained popularity in possibly returning the NBA season as soon as possible. Atlantic City mayor Marty Small has welcomed and pleaded the NBA to resume its activities at the Boardwalk Hall in New Jersey.

Small has been the most vocal presence in New Jersey, offering any and all information the league's commissioner and front office need. Small has also made it obvious that the NBA would revitalize the city's economy that has been hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Jersey fans would absolutely love to have the NBA back in town, especially since the Nets most recently moved to New York. Atlantic City is also a basketball-loving city that would welcome the season back with open arms.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Another destination thrown out there is Hawaii. After all, why not? Hawaii is quite isolated from the masses of people, and would also give the NBA players and staff plenty of options to choose from in terms of accommodation and facilities.

Hawaii also provides a ton of sports facilities and activities in case boredom hits the quarantine-fed up players. There are also very little cases in Hawaii compared to other major states, with a total of 631 cases as of yesterday.

If there is a destination that could provide sports facilities, social isolation, and minimal Coronavirus cases, it is in Hawaii.

2. Orlando, Florida

Orlando has gained some traction in terms of saving the season. The main reason is Disney World, a massive landing spot to continue the NBA season.

The reason is quite simple. Disney World has 12 basketball courts, including two broadcast-ready complexes, and more than enough hotels and accommodation for all players and staff. Perhaps most importantly, it has a private property blocked off from the public along with nearby medical facilities if needed.

Not to mention, Disney World already has ties with the NBA through ESPN. If there is one possible destination that could be chosen, Orlando's Disney World might be it.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

At the very top spot, Las Vegas is the best destination to save the NBA season. Vegas has been a very popular city for the NBA in recent years after it has hosted a summer league since 2004. It also has a ton of hotels and arenas to host the kind of events the NBA will aim for.

Beyond being equipped to handle such an immediate solution to resume the season, Vegas is a massive hotspot for sports and this could help save a faltering business which is professional sports at the moment. This past UFC 249 event gave a good indication as to how sports can be resumed, but only time will tell if the NBA pulls the trigger on Las Vegas.


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